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In this guide, we'll demonstrate how you can invite your colleagues to your project on the WasteHero Platform. Additionally, we will show you how to create roles, teams and driver absences.

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Shift Planner


In this guide we'll go through how to invite new users, create roles and teams, and use the shift planner tool.

When you log in to the WasteHero Platform you'll see your dashboard. Click on Settings in the main menu, then to the right click Company, then click Edit in the lower right corner

Now click on the User Management tab.

Under User Management, you'll find four tabs:

UsersView existing users and invite new users to your company and projects.
RolesCreate different roles and set their permission levels.
TeamsCreate different teams to reflect the teams in your organisation.
Shift PlannerHere you can create absences for your employees and choose who will replace them.

Now we will go through every section and explain in more detail what it is and how to use it.


Under the User tab, you can see all active and pending users associated with the company... if you have the right permission level, that is!

You can search for users by job title, invitation status, name, email and more by pressing on the gear icon on the top right. Finally, you can invite new users to the WasteHero Platform.

Note: If you would like to invite a colleague and apply a team/role to them at the same time, you'll need to configure Teams and Roles first. If you have the permissions, you can always add a role and assign the user to a team later on.

To invite a new user to the WasteHero Platform, click + Invite in the top right-hand corner.

Fill in the following details to send the user invitation:

Project/s*Specify which project/s the user should have access to.
E-mail*Specify the email address of the user.
TeamAdd the user to a team.
RoleApply a role and its related permissions to the user.

Click Invite and a registration link will be delivered to your colleague's email inbox.

Once your colleague has accepted the invitation, their status will change from Pending/Invited to Active.


Under the roles tab, you have the option to create the different roles that your organization uses on a daily basis. After creating a role you will be able to assign it to a user.

When you create a role, you can decide if they should be allowed to View, Edit, Create and Delete a wide range of information on the WasteHero platform.

To create a new role, click the blue + button to the right of Roles.

Give the role a name, e.g. Route Planner.

Edit the permissions to reflect the permissions of this specific role. Click the checkboxes to toggle on/off permissions for create/edit/delete actions for Asset Management, Customer Management, Operation Management, Fleet Management, User Management & Company Settings.

Click Submit to save the role.

In the left panel, you'll now see your newly created role. Repeat this process for all necessary roles.

Once you have multiple roles created, you can edit the role hierarchy by dragging the icon up or down. Higher roles will be able to invite lower roles into the project.


Under the teams tab, you can create the different teams you use in your organisation. Once teams have been created, you can assign tickets to a specific team or allocate job tasks to a team in automated workflows.

To create a new team, click the blue + button to the right of Teams.

Give the team a name, e.g. Customer Support

In the Team Members section, assign people to the team by selecting users from the dropdown menu.

Click Submit to save the team.

Shift Planner

Under the Shift Planner tab, you have the option to create absences for your drivers.

In the top right, click on + Create Absence and a pop-up window will appear. Here you need to select the following items:

Project*Which project the absence should be created for
Driver*Which driver is absent
Driver replacement*Which driver will replace the absent driver
Period of absence*How long the absence is expected to last
Type of absence*Here you can choose if the driver is absent due to: Holiday, Sickness or Maternity leave

Click Submit to save changes.

Congratulations! 🎉 Now you can create, edit and manage the users, roles, permissions, teams and absences on the WasteHero Platform.

Have any questions? Reach out to us in the live chat and we'll be happy to help. 😊
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